Radix ERP / MRP Solution

A Revolution in ERP / MRP Software Technology by offerings total control over your corporate information.

Work-Flow Resource Planning System

Radix WRP is a comprehensive workflow based ERP/MRP enterprise system. It is very modular and customizable. Functions and features covers all expects of business related workflows and documents inclusive of Sales, Billing, Logistics, Warehousing, Production, Accounting, Management and others. It also has a powerful integration and interface system to other systems such as internet, telephony, automation and others. Radix Information Systems introduces revolutionary Radix Information Systems.

Total control over your corporate information

  • PelionTech pioneered the Document Manager in the year 2005 and continues to produce leading edge ERP/MRP solutions to users emphasizing on practical solutions for practical use. By re-evaluating a new generation of user requirements, PelionTech has taken ERP MRP to the next level in work flow efficiency. Every level of users has easy access to simple elegant software interface. Each module provides comprehensive, stable and fast data entry and work flow control that meet all occasions and possibilities unmatched by any competitor.
  • With the leading edge Document Search Engine, users are now able to retrieve documents in any predetermined searching method and order and also print document summaries directly or export to MS Excel. Documents and workflow reports are now a mouse click away, realizing the age old dream of a single push of button by managers. Supplementing the leading edge Document Manager and Search Engine is a powerful GUI Manager. It allow custom configuration of user interface by administrators to suite individual needs. For the first time, managers and system administrators have full control over everything on the screen.

Unrivaled Innovation in Software Design

  • PelionTech innovate ERP and MRP software design further by supplementing the leading-edge Document Search Engine with a powerful Work Flow Engine and Business Process Manager. By incorporating workflow and business requirements into conventional ERP/MRP software solutions, PelionTech makes them truly fit to your organization structure and complements your workflow and market advantage.
  • Configuration Manager and Query Manager take that further by pre-configuring these business requirements, rules and regulations for each individual, group, department and organization. Making information available only to the desired people, presented in the manner desired by these people, processed by their requirements.
  • With the Log Manager and Document Notes, Managers are now able to streamline system usage with work flow and keep track of it. Tracing the documents as it flows through the organization. Together with other customization supplements, PelionTech has made ERP/MRP solutions fit to your requirement and not vise versa.

Bigger Picture, Smaller Investment

  • PelionTech has achieved a truly remarkable quantum leap in ERP/MRP software design since the year 2005. PelionTech takes a top-down approach in redesigning the ERP / MRP software. By looking at software requirements at totality and from a bigger and broader view, PelionTech takes modular software design to the next level. With the new Modulo Engine, users can now economically deploy the software modules by workflow. Thus, minimizing software acquisition and maintenance cost especially at branch level.
  • Another unrivaled power of this solution is the Consolidation Server. While other rivals are consolidating data from branches, and producing consolidated summary reports etc. PelionTech has taken this a step further. Documents from multiple entities can be consolidated into a single pool. Users now have a real-time consolidated view of their corporate data from anywhere in the world right down to the details of a single transaction. Processing can also be done in a consolidated effort and dispersed dynamically to individual entities.

Practical, Powerful & User-Friendly Reporting

  • Starting from the smallest accounting package to the largest ERP software solutions, PelionTechTM provides simple, easy to use reporting tools for each of the software modules. PelionTechTM emphasizes on practical tools for practical use. Every level of users has easy access to simple elegant reporting tools. These tools provide comprehensive, stable and fast reports that meet all occasions and possibilities unmatched by many competitors. With the many layers provided in reporting, users hardly find the need to resort to the last option: report writers that are meant for programmers.

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