Database Server Solution

All businesses come with a vision for growth. And as your business grows, you need to ensure the information technology solutions that you applied will be able to grow with you. That way your investment in various hardware, software and manpower is protected.

For Small & Medium businesses requiring dedicated database servers to run demanding business applications. Each solution includes high capacity direct attach storage for maximum data backup, expansion, and security.

Business Need

For businesses whose data concerns and application performance challenges are driving the need for a dedicated database server with direct-attach storage.

PelionTech Solution

We provide a range of rack-based servers tested and optimized for database software, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or Oracle.


Businesses can immediately benefit from the enhanced performance associated with a dedicated database environment.

Why Us?

We optimize our servers to be tuned precisely to work with our partner's software. Plus, we provide services and support for both your implementation and management

Range and Feature

Server Size and Type Maximum Companies Maximum User Support Data Consolidation to HQ iHelp Remote Support Support Consolidation Server Server OS Support for SQL Server User File Security
EcoBox 1156 5 No No No No Need No None
DBS Basic 4624 5 Yes Yes No Windows 8 MS/Firebird Basic
DBS Pro E 4624 10 Yes Yes No Windows 2012 MS/Firebird Full
DBS Pro F Unlimited 20 No Yes No Windows 2012 Firebird Full
DBS ERP M Unlimited 50 Yes Yes Yes Windows 2012 MS SQL Full
DBS ERP A Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Windows 2012 MS SQL Full

High-Performance Database Solution

Memory RAM

2GB - 32GB


500GB - 4x500GB




17" LCD

OS License

Window 8 - S2012

SQL Server


Backup HDD/UPS

500GB - 1TB

The Best Database Service Solutions

Speak to our expert for help finding the right setup for your database. We make it simple to deploy a server engineered for databases like Oracle, DB2, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, or open-source database servers like PostgreSQL, Ingres, and MySQL Server.

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