Product and Services

PelionTech Solution Sdn Bhd provide some services to users such as Radix ERP/MRP product and services, Database Server Solutions Services, and Web Solution services.




The Growing Software Solutions

PelionTech offer a revolution in ERP / MRP Software Technology. Emphasizing on practical solutions for practical use with each module provides comprehensive, stable, fast data entry and work flow control that meet all occasions and possibilities unmatched by any competitors.

Database Server Solutions


The Growing Database Server Solution

All businesses come with a vision for growth. And as your business grows, you need to ensure the information technology solutions that you applied will be able to grow with you. That way your investment in various hardware, software and manpower is protected.

Web Solutions


Content Management System

PelionTech offer experience and resources can save you time and money and help you make the right data content management decisions for your company. We work with you to reflect your style, tone and needs and make your website part of your integral business plan that you can manage.

Services and Support


Fast, Efficient and Reliable IT Services

PelionTech providing support and services where and when needed. Our support Help Desks are equipped with a comprehensive system of online connection technology. The Support Center also has a CRM system that keeps track of each request for assistant.