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Company Profile


PelionTech Solutions was established in 1995 to continue and expand the computer servicing business created by the founder. We are now a one stop IT solution center for SMI / SME companies as well as Public Listed companies. We provide complete IT solutions to our customers up to the level of system integration and customized software solutions. We have a team of highly skilled professionals to advice our clients in achieving the best results from each implementation of IT solution. We focus on providing solutions based on our flagship Radix Software technology. Please refer to Radix Information Systems booklet for more information about our Radix Information Systems.
We are involved in the following activities and services:
Supply Consult
Install Design
Configure Program
Service Train
Maintain Data Recovery
We are able to handle a wide range of products & services including:
Computer hardware, software and peripherals
Data processing software development: accounting, management, operation, service, support, retail, rental, logistic, F & B, ERP, MRP and others
Internet web sites and web application software
Internet, world wide web, messaging and collaboration solutions
Servers and networking solutions
Graphics, imaging, scanning and bar-coding systems
In an ever-changing world of competitive business, every single cent counts. Discerning corporate managers always seek ways to maximize their investments. However, one issue has always eluded many corporate managers:-
Effective management of IT (Information Technology)
Investment in ICT had always been under-utilized and thus the concern of many corporate alike.
We at PelionTech share this concern and go all out in
"Making IT work for you"
helping you to realize this vision:
"Towards a paperless working environment."
We have a very simple policy at PelionTech ,
      To assist our clients with
    honesty, integrity, dedication
Our life long dedication,
To find the best implementation economically,
without compromising the quality.
Over the years, we have continued to invest in research and development to bring practical software solutions to our customers. We have achieved many milestones in software technology, thus give us the leading edge in the software development industry in Malaysia.
We aim to complete the total integrated universal business flow software solution envision by our founder 20 years ago.
One key factor in achieving Total Customer Satisfaction is by providing support and services where and when needed. We have invested heavily in our supporting infrastructure for this goal. Customers have multiple channels to reach our support personnel.
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Hotlines
  • Hand phone
  • Web Site
  • Online Direct Connection
Our support Help Desks are equipped with a comprehensive system of online connection technology. With a direct connection to customer computer systems whenever required or requested, our support personnel are able to link to any computer system or server at anywhere in the world to render the required support from anywhere in the world.
The Support Center also has a CRM system that keeps track of each request for assistant. All job sheets are logged and service reports rendered for each case. Customer information and systems information are at the fingertip of our support team.


We have an active customer list consisting from many industries. The versatility of the product and services provided by us is clearly shown by this wide penetration of industries. Among the most successful products are the AccSys Financial/ERP/MRP and Radix WRP, iHelp, iSupport operation software packages developed by us. Through the many years of providing our services, success stories are told by our fully satisfied clients. We would like to share some of them here
> PK Fertiliser Sdn Bhd
One of the largest fertilizer distributors in Malaysia. They now fully rely on our systems to operate their sales, distribution, warehouse and manufacturing operations that covers the whole of Malaysia with 4 warehouse and 6 sales offices.The system allows them to process and manage sales and delivery online though very economic internet connections.
> Gelombang Cekal Sdn Bhd
One of the largest audio video appliance importer, manufacturer and distributor in Malaysia. They own some of the famous household brands of audiovideo devices such as GC, One, Classic, commonly found in large hypermarkets.Volume is high with daily delivery schedules to meet. They now fully rely on our systems to operate their entire business including sales, distribution, warehouse,manufacturing, financial operations.
> Eurobay Sdn Bhd
Manufacturer of electrical goods and appliances. Owner of the "Euro" brand name found in major electrical appliances shops. Eurobay uses AccSys developed by PELIONTECH to track its manufacturing status and warranty claim and services.
> Chemkimia Sdn Bhd
Chemkimia is a chemical distributor and has a sister company who manufactures chemicals. They are one of the major chemical suppliers for semiconductor plants. They also provide waste water treatment solutions. They now have a complete inventory, purchase & supply, accounting & financial software running under AccSys. They are looking into adding quality control and logistics into the system and expanding it to SQL server based.
> JFE Engineering
JFE Engineering is a group of companies specializing in high-tech engineering.They are involved in many industries such as Energy, Water, Environment, Steel,Logistic and Machinery. They are the people behind many structural steel engineering marvels in Malaysia. They use AccSys manage their many engineering projects in Malaysia and their financial management.
> Ricoh Malaysia
Ricoh is one of the largest photo copier providers in Malaysia. They use AccSys to manage their subsidiary which is supplying/renting photocopying machine to the government sector. AccSys import and exports data directly from Ricoh’s ERP backend.
> Milux group of Companies
Malaysia's largest gas appliances manufacturer, is listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Owner of the "Milux" and other brand names found in major electrical appliances shops. Milux is embarking on a journey to consolidate all their accounting systems under one system developed by PELIONTECH to track its manufacturing, sales and distribution operation.
> Oxyhin Sdn Bhd
A leading manufacturer of powder coat paints. Oxyhin uses a loosely tied systems running on multiple types of databases to run their day to day operation. It was insufficient to cater for a growing operational demand. In 2008, they decided to consolidate all their software systems functions under one system developed by PELIONTECH to track its chemical formulation, manufacturing, sales and distribution operation. .
> Trisilco Radiance Communications Sdn Bhd
Member of Trisilco group associated. The distributor and support center for Northern Telecoms PABX and Alcatel hand phone in Malaysia. They use PELIONTECH software to manage it's support center.
> Badan Pengurusan Bersama Pangsapuri Sutramas
The biggest apartment in Puchong Selangor. The Joint Management Committee took over management in 2008 and needed a solution to manage the premises. Our team of professional implemented Accsys Building Management system to manage the management operation of the apartment, such as accounting, financial, billing, collection etc. The entire exercise only took one week and collection began immediately after. Another well executed solution that demonstrated the power of solutions from Peliontech.
> Freight Masters Logistics Sdn Bhd
Freight Masters has a world-wide coverage for freight, warehousing and transport. In late 1992, the management took a bold move to engage our services. The initial system started with 5 computers linked to a server. After migrating their accounting and operation system to AccSys ERP, they never looked back. The system eventually grew to 18 concurrent users running on ERP MsSql server now. This includes a centralized and web email, faxing and accounting facility as well as internet capabilities. Part of their shipping and forwarding operation also runs on AccSys ERP.
> Royal Selangor Yacht Club
The first yacht club in Malaysia. Sensing a need to streamline their restaurant operation, they engaged us to provide an efficient restaurant POS system for their members and to link into their kitchen and back-office system.
> Lampe Berger Malaysia
Subsidiary of a Taiwanese direct sales company dealing with the famous Lampe Berger brand of perfume lamps from France. The headquarters in Taipei is the Asia Pacific regional distributor, part of the Lampe Berger international chain of distributors. Their IT system was setup by PELIONTECH. This includes server and PC, link to Taiwan, internet, accounting system (AccSys) counter terminals etc.
> ABB group of companies in Malaysia
ABB is a 'Fortune 500' multi-national company group. It's activities in Malaysia is mostly in the power generation and distribution industry. Among of the applications for them were Leave Management, Travel Management, HR System, MIS support, Supplier Invoice Manager etc. The most notable success is the completion of “eHR Workbench” in year 2001 and it’s improvement works extended into year 2002. It is the brain child of HR experts from ABB and IT experts from PELIONTECH.
Malaysian Association of Travel & Tours Agency. They engaged us to solve their email problem in year 2002. Later proceeding to creating and hosting their new web site. More system continued developed later such Membership System, Online Member Portal,AGM System and Membership CD.
> Golden Valley Golf & Country Club
Their back office system based on FACT accounting were unable to facilitate club requirements. Many problems were encountered. There were also no front office system. A proposal for a total solution including pro-shop, restaurant, golfing counter, accounting and financial backoffice system were submitted and accepted in mid 2003. We completed cabling hardware/software installation, testing and commissioning the system within one week and handed over to management on the second week after training. Another well executed success by our team of professionals.
> Excelkos Sdn Bhd
Excelkos is a chemical distributor and has a sister company who manufactures chemicals. They are one of the major chemical suppliers for manufacturing plants. They now have a complete inventory, purchase & supply, accounting & financial software running under AccSys. They are looking into adding quality control and logistics into the system and expanding it to SQL server based.
> Rentak Optima group of companies
A very large personal loan and financing company using AccSys developed by PELIONTECH to track it's large debtor's list and huge daily repayment history. The system is being used for over 50 branches.
> eGames Global
Member of Bintai group. One of the large internet solutions company in Malaysia. Operator of Tucows Asia mirror web site, other online games and hand phone games. Sole distributor for many online products. They use AccSys for their operations.
> Public Gold International
With over 10 branches in Malaysia and more to come, Public Gold operates biggest gold and silver trading business in Malaysia. They use AccSys Back Office for their financial operations. And based on our Radix technology, the custom made ordering and delivery system fully complements the operation of Public Gold International.
> Crony Beauty (M) Sdn Bhd
A direct sales company of under garments, cosmetics and health food. Owner
of the brand name "Crony". Uses Accys for accounting purposes.
> UPA group of companies
Printing and distribution of printed material, books and magazines. Switched to AccSys to manage their delivery when other software fails to meet requirements.
> OHK Associates Sdn Bhd
Importer and distributor of cosmetics. Uses AccSys for accounting purposes.This company uses AccSys to the fullest potential in financial reporting.
> Megaforms Sdn Bhd
Computer forms and printing specialist. Uses AccSys for accounting and trading purposes.
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